Saturday, November 29, 2008

Titlefight stopped by hungry Half-Jew.

A strange incident at Marismo Tennis Resort today prevented The Thorshavnian Cityteam from securing the World Heterosexual Double Championship.
In the midst of the exciting titlefight, fat half-jew Adam Schall Houlberg (pictured) cried out for a time-out referring to "religious matters of circumstance".
Houlberg: "I gotta suck a goat before sabbath or die of hunger !"
Empire: "5 minutes break of game"
Houlberg: "Can´t find a fucking goat and eat it in 5 fucking minutes !"
Empire: "The whole island (Fuerteventura) is full of goats !!!!"
Houlberg: "Not a single goat spotted since arival !"
Empire: "Jews ate them !?"
Houlberg: "No, Los Lobos !"
Empire: "Los Lobos are not Jews - they are from Mexico !"
Houlberg: "Wolfes - lobos in spanish, idiot !"
Empire: "Aha ! The game is cancelled untill the area is secured for wolfes - bon appetit!"


JB said...

Holberg is a wanker !

Fuerteventura said...

There´s plenty of goats there --

Anonymous said...

JB has got the most boring, crappy homepage in the world!