Thursday, March 31, 2011

CenterCourt  12:00:  A. Holberg (Australia) versus Hans Háffjal (Thorshavn).
KingGustafCourt  12:00:  C. Holmen (Denmark) versus GrossenCock (HeillRott).
CenterCourt  14:00:  A. Holberg (Australia) versus C. Holmen (Denmark).
KingGustafCourt  14:00:  Hans Háffjall (Thorshavn) versus GrossenCock (HeillRott).
CenterCourt   15:40:  GrossenCock (HeillRott) versus A. Holberg (Australia).
KingGustafCourt  15:40:  C. Holmen (Denmark) versus Hans Háffjall (Thorshavn).

Preussian Meistro Alexander von GrossenCock makes his third appearence at the Swedish Championships opposing former WeltMeistro Claus Holmen in his opening match. Holmen leads the mutual score 5-0 and is the favorite to once again spank the enormously fat bum of the 6 foot 10 Preussian giant.
WorldChampion Adam Holberg of Australia has a diffucult 1. round assignment when Hans Háffjall opposed him in Holbergs first appearence since winning the title last novembre. Holbergs 26-3 score against the furious Thorshavnian indicates an easy victory for Holberg. But Holberg must be terryfied by the fact that Háffjall has the habit of defeating Holberg in Malmö.

The swop of opponent at round 2, could lead to the the disatrous end of Holberg 8th reign as SlamBangian WC as he finds no other but the revengeful ex-champ Claus Holmen on the other side of the net. Holmen is undoubtly the better man on court - however, the uncontrolled spasms of Holberg always seems to bring the handsome Holmen out of order - and Holberg is a slight favorite to conquer the Dane.
Háffjall opposes von GrossenCock at CentreCourt. It´ll be a match dictated by the best serve. Both SlamBangers being the hardest hitters in the entire history of tennis. The seasoned Hafjall, a crafty veteran has the tools to upset the young and starstriving Preussian Meistro.

Third round brings Háffjall versus Holmen, the classical encounter, often referred as the "Beauty meets the Beast". Háfjall having defeated Holberg and GrossenCock in the previous rounds is in with a 50/50 chance of sending Holmen out of the tournement.
Holberg versus GrossenCock will give their final attempt of Swedish glory when the pair fights on CenterCourt at 15:40 in the last match of rund three, deciding who will meet Haffjall in the finale.

258 experts out of 259 picks Haffjall as the new World- and Swedish Champion.


Von G said...

1 - 5 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

badadamholberg said...

Det blir´ nemt nok at bavare mit VM ketje!

Anonymous said...

Von GrossenCock har vist spist svampe !
C. Holmen