Friday, March 25, 2011

Terminator ready to destroy

By Groucho Marx
Today, oozing of selfconfidence, Thorshavnian entry at Swedish Open, Hans Bin Háfjall,  declared that his main goal for the remaining 8 months of 2011 is´nt only to capture all SlamBangian as well as ATP, F1 and Boxing Heavyweight Titles.

Hafjáll, married with the woman he lives with and the father of several children, owns a car and two rackets and is periodly in treatment for megalomania,

"I may also consider to join "X-factor", participate in The Robinson Expedition and do a voiceover for Cars2.  Guvernor in California ?  out of the question ! Got to be realistic!".


badadamholberg said...

Go´ tur!

ch said...

Kom så Haffjall - du plejer at slå mesterten i Sverige !