Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bookies pick Holmen to capture tennis trophy.

A bunch of hardcore tennis-experts leaves no doubt about the fact that Danish star Claus Handsome is a huge favorite to rewin the WorldChampionship as well as the Fuerteventurian Title when he starts his transatlantic campaign tomorrow at The Hepeterian Tennis Stadion at Carralejo, Spain..
And the chances of a close family-affair at the finales seems to be possible - as Holmens identical twin brother, Santorinian Champion Per Holmen is picked by most experts to oppose Brother Holmen in the Grand Finale next saturday.
WorldChampion Adam Holberg is in the race as an outsider. But Holberg - a former international PlayBoy - has lost half his weight since he captured the title a year ago, looking terrible old, pale and weak. He may have hit the wall, being over the hill - the cost of a hard life with booze and woman.

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badadamholberg said...

And again the experts are wrong!!!