Friday, November 25, 2011

Double Masters finale at Carrelejo.

In an amazing comeback to SlamBangian combat - Per Holmen reached the highest level as he and his partner Yorgos Rasmussios of Plomaria, Greece managed to gain the Fuerteventurian Heterosexual Masters Cup defeating Thorshavnian constellation Háfjall & Holmen in 5 exiting sets at the grandeous Hesperia Bristol Stadium, Spain.
Per Holmen - out of tennis since 2009 - after a shaky start shook of the rust against Háfjall and Holmen.

The thorshavnians completely dominated the first to sets. Thereafter Per Holmen and Mister Rasmussios upped their game and with the blessing of Zeus, Thor and silly line-calls won the rest and the prestigeous title.


Owen said...

Stylistic sillinesses :-)

King said...

Well done!