Monday, November 14, 2011

Live Tennis action from Carrelejo

THIRD DAY ACTION from Carrelejo 
WorldChampion Adam Holberg versus former world no. 1, Greek Yourgos Rasmussios.

10:00 - live report - directly from center court -
1. set
- Players enters court. Holberg seems drunk !
- Rasmussios strips down to tight underpants !
- Holberg gets the game by the score of 7-6
- Ramussios very annoyed - blames the referee for being corrupt and blind.
- Rasmussios tries to sell his racket to audience.
2. set -
- Rasmussios blames referee for being drunk,
- Rasmussios blames The Holmen Brothers for losing 1. point.
- Rasmussios blames Thorshavnian Háfjall for fahrting during the game.
- Holberg takes the the set easily.
- Holberg the winner 7-6, 6-1.


Von G said...

Det bliver ikke noget rigtigt mesterskab uden mig ;-(

Von G said...

Men rigtig god tur allesammen. Nap en enkelt for mig også :-)