Monday, November 21, 2011

King of tennis

Australian PlayBoy Adam Holberg regained his World SlamBangian Male Single Tennis Championship as well as capturing the 2011 Fuerteventurian Cup and the No 1 spot at The SlamBangian World Rating when he easily defeated the very handsome but very ineffective Dane Claus Holmen at Carrelejo.
Holberg, a recent survivor of a barrelated accident coursing severe braindamages, fought his way back from both coma and an awful  first set to outgame the elderly Danish veteran over the next 3 sets. The handsome Holmen seemed to lose focus after his sensationel first set performance, won by Holmen by no less than 106 winners and the score 6-2. Thereafter Holmen somehow did´nt manage to win a single point against the awakened Holberg.
Drifting back to coma after recieving a trophy, Holberg had absolutely no comments.

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es so Monaco?