Sunday, August 12, 2012

The greatest is back !

Danish icon captures first SlamBangian title in two years  by Boris
When on Saturday, he defeatet Adam Holberg, Per Holmen, Yorgos Rasmussios, Osko Kodex an Hans Bin Háfjall at the Swedish Open finals  to win his record 27th SlamBangian championship Claus Holmen also became the handsomest winner of the Swedish Championships ever since Per Holmen in 1998.
The victory returns Holmen to No. 1 at the World Rankings and will tie him with saturday´s bigtime loser Adam Holbergs with a record 286 weeks atop the SlamBangian rankings. The win also adds another Slam to Holmen's record total. He now has 27, 4 ahead of his closest active competitor, Adam Holberg. This victory likely puts that mark out of reach for the Australien playboy, who lost his World title Golden Racket Trophy on saturday.
It's a powerful reminder that Holmen, who many consider the greatest player of all time, is far from an afterthought in the age of younger foes Kodex, GrossenCock, Dean Martin and Sebastian Holmen. And it may end up solidifying his spot as the top tennis player in history.


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Oh my dear - and nobody knows !
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Godt gået Holmen-