Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hungary represented by Osko Kodex at the Grand Opening of the 2013 SlamBangian Season

On thursday, 14 february fans will have the opportunity to see Osko Kodex  the Hungarian phonomenum in action, when he takes to the Grand Opening of the SlamBangian Season. Also making his 2013 debut is long time rival, the Thorshavnian bomber Hans "Bin" Háfjall.
Kodex admitted, "Considering the fact that every time we played in the past six, seven encounters, it was always phykologically very demanding and going five sets in Grand SlamBangelangsky Tournements ... I guess we have to expect something similar to happen. I'm mentally fit for that."
The Budapestian leads Háfjall in their Slambangian series 20-9, but he doesn’t think that Háfjall’s long list of claimed injuries will affect how the Thorshavnian plays.

"He’s one of the physically strongest and fittest guys around,” said Kodex. “So whatever he claims I'm sure he's going to be fit for our match"
Nicknamed "Big Günther", the wellhung Kodex began playing at age twentyseven.
“Yes, write "Big Günther"  if you want to, but my name is Osko Kodex,” the Budapestian says. “I’m not a big fan of ‘big’ or ‘enormous’. I think they’re a bit simplistic and not really my style. However, I do like ‘DonkeyDick ’. my nickname at kintergarden.
14 years ago Kodex floated outside Top 10, walking on a tightrope in his matches. His talent  afflicted by gastronomical extremes, games often slipped from his grasp. Importantly, his self-belief remained intact. “Observing the standard continually sort of get better, I wondered how it could be possible to continue at that sort of rate. It's just a different standard of tennis. It's different rules of engagement when Holmen, Rasmussios and Holberg can do what they can do when they do it.  But I always knew that if only I did what I had to do:  follow the simple instructions from "How to play Tennis"  I would be able to beat anyone,”  Kodex told SlamBang News. Since picking up the book at a fleemarket, Kodex has been a fixture in the Top 10 for several years and continues to improve and he is determined to improve his current position of No. 9 in the Heterosexual SlamBangian Rankings.
Former World No. 1 Yorgos Rasmussios told SlamBang News, “Kodex  is maybe one of the best coaches of his own game among players right now. He corrects himself on the court and he talks about it openly during his matches. That has, I believe, allowed him to prevent his lack of natural talent to take over.”

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