Friday, February 08, 2013

A Warriors profile

As spectators at next week’s Svenska Mesterskap will see, Claus Holmen loves to play balls on court.
By Kurt Thyboe
Just what is it about this warrior that makes an old bestselling author/crooner/dancer like me enjoy watching him play tennis so much?
There is precious little chance for anyone to figure out what’s going on in Holmens head. He is a man of few words – the silent but deadly type whose actions say much more. If there is one player at who does not flinch during the heat of battle, it is this incarnation of Thor, the great Dane Claus Holmen. Calm under fire? Holmen practically invented the phrase. Much like Bjorn Borg, Holmen is wrapped in a cloak of simple but effective routines before and after each point. Like when he flashes a blink at a pretty cleaning-lady in the crowd or when he pays no attention to the crowd and wees in the empty ballcans?
Everything about him is big; big serve, big feet, big backhand and big forehand. Big, big, big….not since the late Oskar Kovacs have we seen a man with such an amazing tool. Boooomm..what a powerful backswing on the forehand side. And the backhand is no mere push of the ball, either. Holmens big game gave him the the SlamBangian World Title in 2012. And a number of experts still think that Holmen is one of those players who has not produced his best stuff yet. True, he did burst onto our radar back in 1992 when he won the final of the Kos Open. However, it has only been over the past couple of decades that he has firmly established himself as a 5 time world champion.

Today, as I sit and smoke my cigars at BTSK´s Café Inside, I look out on the sad grey wintersky hanging over Birkerød, a Copenhagen ghosttown suburb, where Holmen does his training at the BTSK Tennis Club, Holmen enters the café like the good guy cowboy in a Clint Eastwood western: slow, calm, deliberate, pistol by his side. And, oh yes, he has a scruffy goat beard, too. Holmen takes a seat right next to me.
“Kurt”, he says “I play tennis the way I live; I try to enjoy myself on and off the court. But Kurt, I am really sensitive to the sadness you feel about the grey wintersky hanging over Birkerød and I want you to feel good. “This is a really tough moment for me,” Holmen discloses. “Kurt, it could the last moment of your life. I really enjoyed your CDes and your many books and essays you´ve done on your death, but it isn’t easy for me to play tennis if you´re going to die here in Café Inside. I makes me feel sad , it’ll not be easy to recover. But I have energy in my body, in my heart, and that will help me to play this big challenge at the SwanMiller Hall. I have to close the interview. And Kurt, you will always be one of my idols".
Winning the Svenska Mesterskap would be one the the 5 biggest titles of Holmen’s career so far. This is the 23rd time that he has competed in the season-starting championship.


Anonymous said...

Thyboe is a danish boxing legend
..Kristian Aaen....

Anonymous said...

Who never wrote that crap!

Anonymous said...

If Kurt calls it crap, then it must be another silly guy who is the author. Roll down the site and you´ll find a site on Bowling - it helps if You are Danish - it is an wonderful parody of Kurt Thyboe´s style of writing.
Louis Mittelmann

Louis Mittelman said...

Funny - jeg er en fan.
Bw Louis M.

Anonymous said...

Funny - at du er hér, gamle dreng.

Karim said...

It is poetry. Very good writing.