Friday, February 01, 2013

Winterswimming and cold showers prepares the Worlds tallest Tennis Player for February 14.

World No. 8, the Big Beast Sebastian Holmen is targeting a perfect record at the upcoming Svenska Mesterskap as the tournament at The SwanMiller Hall prepares to host its first SlamBangian event since 1996. The man they call "Big Beast" is in his second season as a SlamBangian pro and has yet to compete at this, the absolute highest SlamBangian level. The Beast who advanced to the final round at the Australia Open 2012 at LorteØen, will be up against the hardhitting Thorshavnian Bomber Hans Bin Háfjall, The Universial Meistro Claus Handsome Holmen and the dangerous Hungarian Phenomonem Osko Kodex.

“I don't think people can say really to often that they've gone sort of undefeated at one event,” said The Beast. “It would be something pretty awesome to be able to do that at SwanMiller".
“I think they're still the favourites. They know how to win,” assessed Holmen. “They do a lot of things the winning way of doing things. I have to focus on myselve and take advantage of the situation I'm in, the conditions. I'm playing far away from home. I hope I can borrow a racket as Adam Holberg has stolen mine. I don´t have control over quite a lot of the conditions, [but I'll] try to make the most of that.”

Sebastian has thrived during the january swing at Gurre Tennis Institute participating in the Institutes daily winter routines, Oceanic swims in Öresund followed by cold showers at the Institute. “I think I've really pushed myself and I work really hard during the off season. That gives me a lot of confidence,” Sebastian said.


Anton Tanner said...

Nadal is back, 3set vict against Del Potro at Indian Wells.
Best regards Anton

Anonymous said...

He came back - but any news on him rigt now ?
Bob Foster