Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hydrophobia forces international tennis strike

Some readers have questioned the The SlamBangian players' ability to strike because The SlamBangian Collection of Laws prohibits player strikes.
Holte, Denmark
But, federal laws in Denmark, Germany and Australia allow athletes to refuse activity when put in “abnormally dangerous conditions,” so players could be justified in striking if water endangers the players' wellbeing.
The Tisvilde Gold Coast Challenge seems not to be played on august after the SlamBangian Society and the SlamBang players union failed to reach an agreement on april 7 regarding the temperature of the water. The SlamBang players union announced strike, claiming that the water surrounding Denmark is too cold.
However, at the start of this season, 99% of the SlamBangian players voted for cold water in Ouzo leading to a lockout-situation and the cancelation of Skåne Åben.
Budapestian Osko Kodex, Thorshavnian Hans Bin Háfjall and WorldChamp Claus Handsome were the only three players who decided to register and in doing so agreed to accept water at any given temperature, but still..never in Ouzo!
The SlamBangian Socity announced that it had made its final offer to the players, labeling it as a “revolutionary” plan.
The SlamBangian Society offered that every player will be required to play without intake of water at all times and will only be allowed to drink a minimum of five straight glasses of Ouzo during a set.
However, the SlamBang players union is demanding that players will only be allowed to swim in any given ocean over the next three years, as long as the conditions are not abnormally dangerous.
“We have made several compromises, but we are united and will not play until an agreement is reached.” , said German Hydrophobian SlamBang representetive Alexander von KleinnenCock.



Anonymous said...

No wonder our jails are so very full
Or a man takes his life in the Arizona desert...

Ponder that.

Posted by B. Ross at 5:46 PM

Anonymous said...

This article is worth reading , not so much because the author describes, with great clarity, how our worldviews are constructed and preserved - and how inaccurate they can be when they are the product of confined experience.

Joe Huster

Anonymous said...

I take the view that a blog is the property of the blog owner.

11:05 PM, April 18, 2013

Colin said...

Sadly,I agree with every word.

18 April 2013 15:49

Anonymous said...

Cheer up :-)

Joe Huster

Who´s asking? said...

Screw the Fritz!

Steve Yasaf said...

Nice blogging my friend!

Brian Wingfield said...
Interesting line in this article: Sports formerly used up a lot of males' energy, but it failed to say that running around, climbing trees, etc. formerly used up a lot of younger boys energy as well.
Will changing behavior change male biology producing the kind of men feminists want and will that actually produce a new species entitled girly men?

Thank God I won't be around to find out.

5:32 AM

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NP said...

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