Friday, June 28, 2013

The Pope declares a ban on tennis

Record 22. cancellation of unpopular tennis tournement
Tisvilde news
The chaotic history of The Tisvilde Gold Coast Tennis tournament proceeds. Being cancelled on an annual basic since 1992, said His Holiness The Pope  today: “ There is a reason to make the Svenska Mästerskap the last Slambangian Tournement of 2013.
There were nominations forthcoming, but considering the fact that a number of SlamBangian players did´nt enlist the decreasing interest in the matches led to the recommendation of  the SlamBangian commetee to proceed the actions of an amazing 22. cancellation of The Tisvilde Gold Coast Tennis tournament .”


John said...

While this is amusing from afar, it seems like a less bloody outcome than of that father who killed his sons opponent. Much more concerning are the occasional report of tennis matches being ceded to the control of parents. This development is likely a glimpse of the future, where the sclerosis of today's "order" gives way to a new form of it.

ch said...

John, I haven´t got a clue of what You´re talkiong about !?
Claus Handsome

Anonymous said...

? said...

Is this for real?