Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Team Blegebroend and Claus Holmen out of the championships

While the SlamBangian activities has reached a historical low
Reporter on the spot of action
SlamBangian veteran Claus Holmen & The Niels Blegebrønd All-Star BTSK finished a succesful campaign at the Zealand Outdoor Championships wining all but the crusual decider versus Albertslund TK.
Alongside Karl Webster (pictured right), Claus Holmen (on the left) played a heroic part in BTSK’s dramatic 6-0 last round group victory over Broendby TK, saving 12 match points in the doubles rubber, the longest in Zealand Championships history, before ultimately winning the third set 12-10.
But as a result of its defeat to the Albertslund TK, Holmen and the BTSK team is out of the run
for Championship throphy (middle, in the hands of Niels Blegebrønd).


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Annette said...

I searched the web to see if there were some posts about Karl and I am glad to discover this blog. I was a colleague and moreover a good friend of Karl. I first met him as a grad student when he visited Norman back in 1992. We went on many camps and then attended a tournement together in Hamburg, along with Birgit. We had many stories from that trip, but what sticks in my mind most is the one when we visited his home in Denmark in 2006. I had a wonderful experience with Birgit and Karl opening up their home, providing traditional Danish dishes, touring Copenhagen, etc. Karl even arranged to fly us over Copenhagen and North Zealand for some amazing views in a small, single-engine plane (Karl told me he once wanted to be a figher pilot in the Danish air force, and he was just under the max height limit by only a cm or two). I remember getting great views of Kronborg Castle.
He is a great friend, husband, father. Best wishes.

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Anonymous said...

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Julia Oldham said...

Karl Webster - That man is a miracle!!!

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Anonymous said...

As Roman poet Juvenal said... Who will guard the guards themselves?