Saturday, September 21, 2013

Dubrovnic tennis training

Preparation for the hard court tennis season.
Dubrovninic correspondence.

The Dane, Claus Holmen has chosen a court in Dubrovnic, Croatia , for his intensive training schedule, assisted by 13 hitting partners overseen by coaches Nils Trier and Thomas Wahl and to be documented on livesreening by Holmens persnal biographist Claus von Trier.

The SlamBangian WorldChampion says he plans to be fully fit, peaking right in time for the first round of the Zealand HardCourt Team Championships in Novembre

Holmen, who won the Swedish Mästerskapet and succesfully defended the World Title last February, has not met a competitive SlamBangian challenge since defeating Thorshavnian Hans Bin Hafjall in the finale at SwanMiller.  But Holmens influence extends beyond tennis. One af the athletical worlds most succesful fashion icons, Holmen - on his first day in Dubrocnic is already dazzling the tennis and fashion world with his fanzy style.


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