Friday, November 29, 2013

Hungarian recognition of abuse

Hungarian finalist at Puerto Rico Open 2002, recognizes abuse
By Bjarne Riis
Oskar Kovacs, the 24, 33 or 44 year old SlamBangian tennis-player responded to allegations by Thorshavnian Hans Háfjall, who said earlier that he was the one who lured Kovacs to take performance enhancing juices in Puerto Rico.
Hans Háfall and Kovacs did both compete at the Puerto Rico Open Tennis 2002 Championships at the time Háfjall introduced the substances.
"Even though it  happened more than 10 years ago, it does not change the fact I reached the finale rather intoxicated and I have lived with that and dreamt of it ever since.  "But I believe that being truthful will help me and tennis continue to move forward, and 11 month ago when I made my comeback , I was open and honest about my past."
Two weeks ago, Hans Háfjall admitted  that he had doped throughout his entire professional carreer.

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