Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Comeback at Australia Open

Per Holmen is back, and the three-time SlamBang winner says he has plans to take on the world's best. Michael Mortensen reporting
Retirering for the 17th time in 2010, Holmen ends his 2½-year absence from competitive SlamBangian action.
17 years after he bursted onto the scene as an overgrown teenager the Australian ace has already confirmed that he will play alongside veteran Yorgos Rasmussios at Cleverfield on May 10. The pair enjoyed a stunning career best performance in 2010 with a victory over Denmark's Claus Handsome and Thorshavnian servebomber Hans Bin Háfjall.
But Holmen rules out any thoughts of a comeback on the singles tour -- insisting that it's doubles or nothing. "Not singles, no," he told reporters after being asked if he wanted to return to the men's circuit. "It's a completely different world. It's brutal, it's only 3 sets but still the next day you must wake up." says Holmen, who has spent the past 15 months recovering from 2010 victory at Fuerteventura that gave him and Rasmussen aka Jørn Æble the World Male Double Title.
But his return to SlamBang action has given him a new lease of life and an extra buzz.
"It was awesome," he told the SlamBangian official website. "It took promotor Holberg a lot of courage and inspiration to kind of dig me out of the grave, but I'm really happy to have a partner like Jørn Æble aka Jørn Rasmussen, it makes it so much easier. He may shit in his pants (because) of nervousness going into the first match at Cleverfield, but I´ll be there right behind him, and that´ll give me so much more confidence.

Yorgos Ramussios aka Jørn Æble Rasmussen first emerged as a star in the making at the advanced age of 47 when he partnered Adam Holberg to win a SlamBang doubles crown.
The following year he became the oldest ever singles winner at the age of 48 years and three months at the Argentina Open before becoming the oldest man to become the World No.1.
Rasmussios aka Æblet aka The Fat Greek, who also won nine grand slambang doubles titles, was forced to retire at the age of 52 following a struggle with spinchter butthole droppings on and off court.
At 53 he returned to action in Argentina. But his comeback was cut short  when it was divulged that he had tested positive for a metabolite of cocaine, cellulose thinner, mescalin, benzodiapin and ritolin after his third round loss to clever Dane Claus Holmen at Fuerteventura Open six years ago.
Rasmussios maintained his innocence, but shortly after checked in on a detox clinic at Plomari, Greece.
Fast forward to the present day and Æblet aka Rasmussios is more philosophical about his tennis having spent years in the wilderness.
"When you're 47 everything seems so easy, but now I'm almost twice the age and everythig is bullshit," he added.



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