Thursday, February 20, 2014

Rookie makes great first impression

Henrik Larsen makes his SlamBang Tennis debut May 10 at the Australian Open Championships, the first milestone in what could be a long and prosperous career. by Normann Mailer

And he didn't even know about the Australia Open Heterossexual Male Single Championships until January this year.  The only reason he decided to enter, was the sensational WildCard offer from the permanently toxicated owner of the tournement, australian PlayBoy Adam Holberg.
“It's huge,” Larsen  says. “I can't really put it into words. It's kind of a different feeling, because I'll represent all of Nærum as well as Rudersdal, Denmark and myself. So there's some sort of pressure to kind of make sure I make a good first impression for who I´m representing.”

So far, Larsen has handled himself just fine, making those in both his hometown and Denmark proud.  And today, just 3 month before his debut at Australia Open,  Larsen is pegged as a rising star in SlamBang Tennis.
Sebastian Holmen was the last to do it. “It's a huge compliment to Larsen and to the people that support him and selected him to be there on May 10, there are still only little things throughout SlamBang Tennis that hasn't been seen yet,” said Holmen. “So for him to be selected to this tournement, people see that he has value.”

Being peppered with question after question by media , Larsen was asked if his inclusion in the SlamBangian Society has given him a better idea of what could be in store for his future. “Not at all,” he said. “Like all athletes, I have the dream of winning the wonderful Golden Champion Racket. That would be pretty fun.”
While amusing, Larsen response actually reveals plenty about what's gotten him here.
He's as green as he is gregarious. But both traits have helped him to keep his head down and work ethic up. He doesn't know he's supposed to be this successful this soon.
“I have no expectations coming in,” Larsen says. “I just literally takes it day by day and whatever happens, happens. I just kept working hard and do whatever Holberg tells me to .”

When Holberg watches Larsen, he sees all the makings of a player with a bright future.
“He has tremendous potential,” Holberg says. “It's all based on his growth and how quickly he picks the game up from his position, the opportunity that he receives in terms of split seconds and how hard he's going to hit the balls. A lot of that stuff is going to come from within. But he's a diligent young man and he works hard. He's got a good spirit about him and he wants to learn and grow.”

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Orzz said...

I don't play because I lived out in the country and I have no tennis close to my home.
That being said, I try doing search on Tennis World Web site. I know they did some articles a few months ago about the state of tennis.