Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The testicle tendonitis and creaky bones of Hans Háfjall

By Isac Newton.
43, 29 or 53 year-old Hans Bin Háfjall looks to have taken off a massive amount of weight in a recent video appearance on YouTube. Háfjall, who hasn’t competed in over 11 months, appears to have taken off at least 40+ pounds in recent weeks. In the video, Háfjall looks to be near his old match weight of the low 220s. In contrast, Háfjall ballooned up in weight in the last half year of 2013 and looked nothing like his former self, almost Lars Løkke-esque.

Háfjall hit a bumpy road after competing at Swedish Open in april of 2013, when he was close to beating Hungarian star, Oskar Kovacs and lost only 18 sets during the entire tournament.
 During the Kovacs-encounter, Háfjall´s bad luck reared its ugly head once again, leading to his shocking castration when hit Bull´s-eye in the testicles by the Hungarians serve.
The testicle tendonitis subsequently forced his withdrawal from further tournements in 2013.
Háfjall departed clinging to the most positive thoughts he could muster - that the doctor, the same one who performed previous operations, has, until now, been encouraging him to play on may 10 at Cleverfield.  
"I´m really positive for my future.  I do whatever the doctor says and I will have to be as strong as ever."
At the tender age of 43, 29 or 53, if Háfjall can keep his testicles and creaky bones intact, he is poised to enjoy a prosperous 2014 that is all but certain to include the Australian Open title at Cleverfield.

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