Friday, April 25, 2014

Dane gets permission to perform at Australia Open

Jørn Rasmussen appeared at the SlamBang Society Athletic Commission meeting at Amager Friday, asking for a tennis license. by Herman Göring                                                                   The commission did not turn the 58 or 67-year-old down, but it didn't give him what he sought, either. Rasmussen, who appeared in a April 24 tennis exhibition with his mother in Hellerup, was instead issued a limitted permit to perform at the Australia Open Championships on May 10.
The problem is, his mother wasn't there. By SlamBangian law, his mother had to appear in person before the commission to vertify Rasmussen for a full Tennis license.                               Cardinal Erling Kodex, assistant executive officer for the commission in Budapest; Thorshavn and Greve, said it would be up to the SlamBang commission's Hellerup office to decide on Rasmussen's future. "Our instructions from the SlamBang Society Athletic Commission are to evaluate Rasmussen on the court at the Australia Open Championships, to observe his attemps to hit the ball and to make a recommendation to the Hellerup office as to whether he's fit to be granted a full Tennis license," Kodex said.

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