Friday, May 09, 2014

Rafael Nadal picks the winner of Australia Open

The Australian Open draw is still about 16 hours away from being released by Mao
but it’s never too early to start thinking about who might be left standing on the heterosexual men’s side in Melbourne at the end of saturday´s tournement at Cleverfield.
Pre-draw favorites are:

1. Denmarks Claus Holmen: Winner of his last 624 matches and the 3-time defending champion is the best pick regardless of draw. Only thing that could stumble a fourth title is a heatwave or another scandal.

2. Australias Adam Holberg: Has´nt been drunk since last saturday and goes to LorteØen to win a second Australian Open crown.

3. Jørn Rasmussen from Plomari, Greece: If he gets a good draw, stays sober and the weather’s comfortable.

4. Hans Háfjall: Now healthy and hungry, the former 1995 Kreta Open finalist is expected to have a nice tournement at his favorite, most successful major, maybe even getting back to his first title match since the memorable final at Kreta.

5. Hungary´s Oskar Kovacs: No longer and  - as a matter of fact never an automatic for the final. For the lesser guys he’s still a huge scalp and will be tough to beat in the early rounds.

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