Sunday, May 18, 2014

Australia is back in the top of tennis

Adam Holberg wins back Australian and World title at Cleverfield
by Soeren Kirkegaard
Remember the good old days of the Sunday Wars when championships seemed to be on the line on a weekly basis?  How you knew when you tuned in to Tennis News that you were almost guaranteed to see at least an elderly  Plomarian drunk fighting for glory ?  It appears those days are long gone.  The championship just isn’t defended  the way it used to be.  Is that because the Sunday Wars are a thing of the past?  
This past Saturday  we saw Australian play-boy Adam Holberg crowned as the new Australia Open winner and Claus Holmen losing his SlamBangian World Championship in the eight-man battle royal  at LorteØen, Cleverfield

In the grand final Adam Holberg defeated Holmen 7/5  4/6  7/5, and was crowned the new champion of the prestigious titles which over the last few months has seen very little action since Holmen and the other SlamBangian members have been locked in feuds with the anti-doping authorities. The Championship that was becoming so stale has now been given a new owner.
It could be argued that it was the right move for Holmen to hand over the solid Gold Racket, restore some life into the championship and give somebody else the opportunity as he hasn't really been challenged much and it seemed slightly pointless for him to keep hold of it at the moment.
The problem with not defending the title on a regular basis becomes that the longer the title goes undefended the less important the Golden Racket appears  . At this point the only way anybody knew Claus Holmen was the defending champion was because he always, proudly walked around with the Golden Racket in public appearances  - but aside from that the title had gone undefended since before easter 2013 And that  is absolutely ridiculous especially if you recall the “rule” that SlamBangian Society states a title must be defended every 60 days or the champion would be stripped of the title.  If the SlamBangian Society actually followed their own rule the championship would have been vacated long ago.

None of this falls on the current champions’ shoulders as he intends to defend his title when creative sees fit.  Clearly, he realizes the World Championship is the main title these days, and he states he intends to defend it on Septembre against the Preussian giant, Alexander von GrossenCock and all comers  at Argentina Open.

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