Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Comeback for Austrian tennis

An Austrian tradition returns to WienerBrott Stadium.
by Franz Josef von Hindenburg
The 91st Annual National Austrian Tennis Championship Tournament goes ahead on September 6 at WienerBrott Stadium.

The international SlamBangian gentlemen tennis competition for boys, ages 21 through 84, qualified by a combination of churlish, condescending attitude towards apparel and an ability to hold a racket. More than 4 SlamBangian Hall og Famers will participate in the tournament, with entries from Hungary, Plomari, Deanmark, Australia and Fareo Island . As part of the regular SlamBangian bathing season, the tournament will include a debate event on the matter of body and water and a variety of individual events. 

"Das ist das beste  tennis of the year in my opinion," said Preussian Champion Alexander von GriossenCock, "I mean, I've had a blast ever since I've been playing against Osko Erling von Kodex , whan I won the Preussian und CentralEuropean Tennis Championship, that year holds a special place for me. But coming back und compete for der Eusterreichtes Meisterschaff, and seeing all these kids getting spanked, that's what it's all about. Ich liebe it."

The event is free to spectators with great views from the WeinerBrott boardwalk

Registration information and other details can be found in both English and Deutch at 


Melanie said...

Recently, a colleague of mine got admitted to an institution in a manner of sudden on Thursday afternoon. On Friday I was told that he had some headache so he had to be rushed to the hospital.
I didn't really bother to ask what's going on because I never wanna get involved in anything with anybody in a work place. That is just one of the way of keeping your personal relationship distant away at work.
Then, it came yesterday, I was just surfing Facebook as usual at home, since I had nothing more to do.
So while I was in Facebook, I realized my colleague's girlfriend has a new boyfriend! I was puzzled at first, really confused, stunned, eyes wide opened, and really thought if it was a joke or something. Many people commented on it because they were shocked. Then I realized my colleague and her are no longer connected in Facebook anymore, so I guess I might be able to imagine what has been going on.
I do not add colleagues to my Facebook, so they won't know what I am up to! They can pull a lot of pain on us, sometimes it hardly even allows us to breath, and helplessly, but they can never kill the dignity and will in us.
I forgive those who have done and said things about me, but whether you forgive yourself or not, I wish you would because it is for your own will. Do not feel guilty for your own action, for it is the choice you have made. Only to find courage in yourself to make things right, that will be the savior of yourself.
Is this society getting sick or what? People needs to learn to appreciate all the little things and not taking everything for granted. Everybody has a soul and heart - gotta respect if you wanna be treated the same as well.

Anonymous said...

Dear Melanie,
Thanks for all Your information.
Best wishes
The Editor

James Wong said...

Today, I am off for a long-awaited tennis holiday in the Austria, specifically the Arlber, partly sponsored by my aunt to reward my efforts in achieving my Masters degree last year. I´ve tried to track Wienerbrott.
I will be joined my better half.
I think it will be freezing there, as seen by the following screen dump from

Ann & Jill said...

Just found your blog! That is awesome baout your tennis and the tournements. My 73 years old dad has played 6 senor tournements. First one he complainedthe whole time ...last one he laughed the entire time and said 'lemme have my medal' at the end :-) LOVE IT!!!