Monday, September 08, 2014

Denmark is back on the Tennismap

Claus Holmen wins the Østrigske Mesterskab by Andrea Merkel
But the 29, 36, 44 or 56 year-old was forced to work hard to overcome stubborn resistance from a  field of strong international contenders who refused to roll over against their illustrious opponent.
"I've left a little bit of my heart there," Holmen said after his first victory ever in the Austrian Alps.
"My big goal was to collect the title, play good tennis and have fun. I've done that."
The 17-times SlamBangian champion finished first in front of now former World Champion Adam Holberg who tied Holmen  4-4 before  Holmen's class told the matter of fact 40-28, third spot went to Plomarian veteran Yorgos Rasmussios.
"He's the king," said Hans Bin Háfjall. "But overall I played better throughout the whole day, but as usual bad decisions and corrupt ruling went against me and I did´nt get any lucky breaks, hiiting the lines constantly - but being ruled out"

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