Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Newcomer recieves Australian wildcard on May 2

Jesper Falk Pedersen begins his first season in the SlamBangian Tennis Circus May 2 at the Australian Open Single Tennis Championships
“I’m nervous,” Pedersen told TennisNews 
“I haven’t played since kindergarden, and now it hits me that Australia Open is going to be at the same level, if not higher. This is the biggest tennis-tournement of my life so far, and it’s only February.” 
The 29, 35 or 46-year-old from Denmark will use the same racket that won him a fight in Helsingør “I hit a Swede right between his eyes ", Pedersen said
"I´m excited. The SlamBang Society has been so supportive of me,” Pedersen said. “I’m there to be integrated in the Society and learn how they do things, then support the sponsors, Carlsberg. That’s my primary job.”
The Australia Open Single Tennis Championships on May 2 begins 10:00 at Cleverfield, LorteØen at 1,235 meter above sea level.
 “LorteØen won’t feel so foreign . I´ve got family there. I’ll move in with my cousin, Adam,” Pedersen added. “There, though … Not being able to read signs, not even the characters … That’s definitely a foreign feeling. I hope to see a greenlænder for the first time. And the food is great, it’s a nice change of pace.”


Chris Hagedorn said...

LorteOe? aka ShitIsland?

ch said...

Right on, Chris. It is a part of Greenland.