Monday, April 27, 2015

Hafjall will never surrender

Hans Bin Háfjall  expresses his feelings before his first match in 7 months 
By Thomas Blachmann
The Thorshavnian 5 days up to his first match since Austria Meisterchaffen says he will be hitting one-handed backhands again. "I want to play tennis. If I have to learn a different backhand to keep playing, I will do it. I think is the biggest goal for me to keep trying and stay mentally strong enough to go through all of the injuries," he said.

You are following a treatment, an infrequent technique, which is not certain to work.."In this life, there is only one sure thing [in Thorshavn we have a saying that goes: “There is only one sure thing in life: hangover”], the rest… for me it has worked very well in the neck whish was broken during Austrian Meisterschaffen. Both the PSI (Persille Sovs injections ) and the test with stegt flæsk cells that I did in the lower pole [of the head]. It has improved enormously, not only on court, but in terms of life quality. It is not something I worry too much about: I believe that it will work and that it will allow me to work well Saturday, which is my big goal".
Why do you continue? "Not everybody has the chance to do what they like. It is important to be happy with what you do, instead of doing what makes you happy. That is a great virtue. For many years I have done what I like, which is playing tennis, and I’ve been happy, but I have also made a great effort from a very young age to achieve what I have achieved. Tennis is my passion. I am always trying to get over the problems that my career and life are putting in my way, but I’m human".

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