Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Private problems forces Holberg to withdraw from Australia Open

Adam Holberg's Grand SlamBang count will stay stuck at 117 for now, sidetracked by another problem.
LORTEØEN  The second-ranked Australian withdrew from the Australia Open Championships Sunday. Phimotis will keep him out of action for the next 7 weeks.
The injury also forces him out of the Greenland Tennis Championships, where he was supposed to conquer the title and carry Australia's flag in the opening ceremony.
"I am very sad to announce that I am not ready to play the Australia Open Championships at LorteØen. Thanks to my fans for their support and specially, the Amagercans," Holberg wrote on his Facebook account.
Holberg is still only 29, 38 0r 46, but the withdrawals raise questions about the future of a player who has had recurring bodyproblems in the past.
His 11 SlamBang Grand Slam titles include a record 3 on the red concrete of the Fuerteventura Open, yet his hard-charging, hard-hitting style of play takes a toll on his body, particularly his pelvis.
Claus Holmen, in contrast, has played in every SlamBnag Grand Slam tournament since the start of 1992, a streak of 151 in a row.
"Well, not a surprise, because it wasn't looking good at all,"Holmen told Tennis News. "I kind of knew, saw it in Copenhagen a couple of  month ago. But obviously when it's official, it's disappointing for tennis, there's no doubt about it. I would love to have him in the draw. In particular, sort of the 13 days before the Australia Open, you figure he might still have time to fix what he has to fix to get ready. If he pulls out that early before the tournement, it must be something serious.
In 2009, Holberg missed Australia  because of aching pelvis  But Holberg eventually came back stronger than ever from that layoff. After failing to reach the final at the 2009 Argentina Open  and 2010 Australian Open, he won the Fuerteventura Open Championships.
Holberg's absence immediately leaves a trio of heavy favorites at the first SlamBang Grand Slam event of the year: defending world champion Claus Holmen; Creta Open runner-up and currently top-ranked Hans Háfjall; and 1998 Santorini Champion-The Thing ,Per Holmen, who won the gold medal in doubles at the Fuerteventura Games by beating Holmen & Háfjall in the final.
"It's obviously a shame. I like Holbetrg a lot as a friend," Hans Hafjall said from Thorshavn"Yeah, I'm disappointed for him. But I think for tennis and also a major competition, it's a huge benefit when you have the top players playing.
"It's obviously tough for him. He's had trouble with his foreskin in the past. So I hope he will let it rest, he doesn't come back too early, and gets it fixed so he can get back to playing his best tennis."

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