Monday, September 14, 2015

Las Vegas's Dean Martin Holberg completes sensational comeback with Austrian Championship Title

Dean said he was in a state of shock after winning the Østriske Mesterskab, just 4 days after coming out of retirement and on the back of only 4 minutes' training per day. 
By B. Obama. Creditted with a WildCard he was as amazed as anyone when he remained undefeated through the tournament in Helsingör on saturday. The 29, 36, 41 or 62 -year-old therapist from Sunred South Coast, had called time on his racket career after Australia Open 2011, feeling overwhelmed by the pressures and temptations of being a teenage sports phenomenon but, on a whim, decided to contest at the Østriske Mesterskaber 2015. 
By competing in the tournament, which boasted 8 of the world's top-20 players, Dean had already ensured he would replace Adam Holberg as the top-ranked Holberg when next SlamBangian world rankings are released.
That rapid rise had come on the back of his 4 comeback wins.
“Sebastian really played some unbelievable tennis in parts. He may not be feeling his best, but I’m just really happy I was able to take a few of the chances I created. It was two hours and 17 minutes of very, very tough tennis,” said Dean after defeating the talented youngster Sebastian Holmen
It was his second SlamBangian title after his victory in Malmö, Sweden, in 2007.

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