Friday, May 20, 2016

Another blow to Australia Open 2016

Dean Martin Holberg withdrew from Australia Open on Thursday after receiving an invitation for free drinks on the same date.
“I regret to announce that I have made the decision not to play in this year’s Australia Open,” the 2016 Austrian champion announced on Facebook. “I´m still dehydrated since the Austrian Championships, and I feel I might be taking an unnecessary risk by playing in this event before I am fully hydrated.”
The 29, 39 or 49-year-old world number three, who has been plagued by thirst since he was weaned from breastfeeding, made a comeback after 4 years out of SlamBangian action at the Austrian AlpenMeisterschaffen last septembre winning the championship in a sensational manner.
Despite Thursday’s decision, Dean Martin insists he will keep playing and will concentrate on preparing for the Austrian Alp season and a fresh bid to defend his title at Helsingör.
 “I am sorry for my fans on LorteØen but I very much look forward to returning to Cleverfield, LorteØen in 2017.”
Martin’s withdrawal from the Australia Open, which starts on June 11, means that nine-time champion Adam Holberg will be promoted to fourth seed in the draw behind Jesper Falk Petersen, Claus Holmen and defending champion Marc Jönson.

Martin’s absence is another blow to Australian Open Championships organizer, Adam Schall Holberg who have seen Preussian star Alexander von GrossenCock sidelined through a homophobian protest while former world number three, Hans Bin Háfjall will play only at 13% of full capacity due to a weakness of his right index finger.

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