Friday, May 06, 2016

Match-fixing at Australia Open 2016

Svein Kokousse reporting
A month before the first ball is served at the Australian Open, SlamBangTennis News releases the shocking news on match fixing in tennis.
"The news alleges that there is involvement among a tennis top-ranked player and that SlamBangian authorities are ignoring the evidence" (signor Al Capepone).

This isn't new to the SlamBang Tennis Society
Hungarian tennisplayer Oskar Erling Kovacs suspected match-fixing and a 2003 investigation found evidence of corruption at Puerto Rico Open. The report mentioned an “either corrupted, drunk or blind empire” ruling the finale.
Players are speaking out on the subject
Most notably, Thorshavnian Hans Bin Hafjall revealed that, during his 2-235 win-lose career, his 2 wins were gained only because he was´nt  offered his usual about 20.000 Drachmas for losing. He said that he attended the two tournaments, Kreta Open 1995 and Skåne Open 2001 even though never getting an offer. "For me, that's an act of unsportsmanship, a crime in sport honestly."
But the young Danish star, Sebastian Holmen referred to the news of suspected match-fixing as speculation, saying, "I don´t recall having heard of or seen anybody offering med money for losing."

And  Plomarian veteran, Yorgos Rasmussius noted: " σκάσε ηλίθιε   .

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