Wednesday, June 08, 2016

New facility for Australia Open tennis tournement

The Australia Open 2016 championships has closed the doors to the the Cleverfield Stadion at the LorteØ.
 “At this point, it had to be done,” said Adam Holberg. The Lorteø promotor and tournament owner was on an eightyfive-year contract with the Cleverfield Stadion administration, but Holberg maintains that agreement is no longer valid because Cleverfield has failed to provide vivifying conditions.
 “I can’t predict whether the tournament is going back to Cleverfield next year,” he said. “They’ll certainly have to consider their options. Under the circumstances, this has become a hostile environment to conduct business.”
Rasmussen, Háfjall, Holmen and Holberg move to HealthCity
Tournament officials have declined to tamp down speculation that the tennis facility in HealthCity would be a good alternative for the Australia Open, and yesterday Holberg noted cities as far away as Pisswilde and Towertown would welcome the kind of SlamBangian tennis event that’s been held on the LorteØ since the 1990s.
 “But HealtCity already have the one stadium,” said Holberg. “I could ask the HealthCity Committee to make improvements to it. What they could do is add a bunch of draft beer fustaches as permanent structures.”
Lydia Moonblomst, Christania spokeswoman, said losing the tournament would definitely create a “void” in the Cleverfield neighbor hippie island village, where the SlamBangian tennis matches are a popular draw each year for locals.
“Our ethnic Greenlanders existence depends on the income from empty bottle deposits ,” she said.
But in an interview, Holberg said he wasn’t overly concerned about Greenlanders losing their deposits.
“The economic destiny of the LorteØ and Christania do not depend on a tennis tournament,” he said.

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