Friday, May 19, 2006

World Champion hurt in CocoPalm accident

In an exclusive interview, SlamBangian WeltMeistro Jørn Rasmussen tells "Tennis News" about the tragical circumstances leading to the CocoPalm accident -
Q: What was a Cocopalm doing in your garden ?
A: Well, I´m having some Polish guys redecorating my garden !
Q: ?
A: Yeah man, woke up sunday afternoon and found the fucking palm.
Q: ?
A: Fucking Poles ! Fucking mistake, fired the fucking poles - did I !
Q: ?
A: What ? Oh yeah.... woke up monday, found out they´d forgotten Keith.
"What the fuck you doing in my CocoNutPalm", I shouted.
Q: Keith Richard of the Rolling Stones ?
A: Yeah man, "Don´t know a shit ! You´ve gotta ask your fucking Poles", Kieth said.
Q: What was Keith Richard doing in a Cocopalm in your garden ?
A: He´s got nothing to do, gotta get him out "Get the fuck down and out !", I shouted
Q: ?
A: Yeah, woke up thursday on the lawn - the fucking palm still there, Keith gone.
Headache, fucking headache !


B.B.King said...

Get well

holberg said...

You have got to drop those Red Libanon cigarettes man!

Franz said...

Must have been a funny garten party ?

Anonymous said...

Great site lots of usefull infomation here.

Bitten said...

Endelig fik vi den sande historie om hans fald.