Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Pope gets rid of Budapestian Proffessor !

Hiss Holiness The Pope today announced that Proffessor Kovacs has been dismissed from all his duties concerning the The SlamBangian Sunday Masterclasses at BaseCamp.
Proffessor Kovacs - pictured with Hungarian protegé Erling Kodex - was hired for masterclass sessios at the SlamBangian BaseCamp back in 2004 but had failed to attend any of his classes leaving SlamBangian students very thirsty and without any guidance.
"We had to drink our own supplies of Ouzo !", frustrated players spokesmann Háffjall told Thorshavns Posten.
Sunday MasterClass will run as usual this sunday, may 13.

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S.o.D. said...

Mister Rasmussios of Plomari and Mr. Claus Holmen of Denmark joined the BaseCamp Sunday.
The young Gentlemenn enetertained fans with 3½ hours of wonderful tennis.
Mr. Rasmussios winning:

Hiss Holiness