Friday, June 29, 2007

Sports Illustrated, the Bin Háfjall interview

Popular veteran Hans Bin Háfjall of Thorshavn seems able and ready to reach his goals for the 2007 season.
H: "This season I´m giving it 100% of my full potentials as I´m as fit as never seen before"
Q: "You´ve trained hard for the season ?"
H: "Haven´t trained at all !"
Q: "???!!!"
H: "Always get hit by something at training."
Q: "Nothing has hit you this year ?"
H: "Punched once and he was´nt able to hit back !"
Sports Illustrated, july 07


Anonymous said...

Den er god med dig Hafjall!


Anonymous said...

Viva Thorshavn, Godthåb og Reykjyvik.