Saturday, November 03, 2007

SlamBangian stars go for Kessler on KO.

The SlamBangian team assembled at the BaseCamp all agree on Mikkel Kesslers chances tonight in Cardiff:
P. Holmen: "Calzeone won´t score a single goal"
Haffjall: "..what a Kasserolle ?"
Holberg: "Not´s Corleone !"
KOdex: "I´m hungry !"
Rasmussios: "Kasper Schmeickel on goal ?"
KOdex: "Pizza...with Mozzarelli !!!!???"
Holberg: "I´ll have a Calzeone !"
P. Holmen: "It´s Corleone !!!!!"
C. Holmen: "Calzaghe !!!!!!!!!!!!"
KOdex: "No...can´t find a Calzaghe on the menu!"


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F...... experts !!!!