Wednesday, February 20, 2008

SlamBangian corruption being investegated

By public demand the SlamBangian Inquisition today announced that investegations will proceed on the sensitive matter of alleged corruption during the Copenhagen Xmas Games.
The Handsome Holmen Twins - close to another succesful participance - wittnessed their victory fly away as the Budapestian City Team played well below par in the final match leading their opponents from Australia to an unexpected victory:
"Robbery !", shouted thousands of Holmen fans demonstrating against the result in BathingStreet, Copenhagen (see picture).


Anonymous said...

Hippie sataner!
Holberg & Rasmussen var bare de bedste!!!
Med venlig hilsen,
Profeten Muhammed

Anonymous said...

Dårlige taber.
Osko & Hans

Anonymous said...

I har ret til at udtale Jer - men alt hvad I siger vil blive brugt imod Jer.
His Holiness

Anonymous said...

Shame on Budapest and the Hungarian bastards.
Fidel Castro.

May said...

It´s nothing to do with Muhamed-drawings.