Friday, June 27, 2008

Today´s Tennis Poster

Yorgos Rasmussios (Greece) recieved an undeserved 1. seeding at the Argentinian Championships . Out of combat since January, the fat Greek showed total lack of precision losing the Double title a month ago at Poppedreng Memoral Arena. Lack of training will lead to a certain downfall at Cleverfield.
Australian playboy Adam Holberg is seeded 2. Holberg is on homeground at Cleverfield. He is undefeated on clay this season and could capture the No. 1 spot he lost on January to Yorgos Rasmussios.
Popular Claus Holmen of Denmark is the peoples choise. Suffering from homofobia, Holmen never returns homosexual serves and volleys and therefore seldom reaches the finale at tournements.
TwinBrother 4.seed Per Holmen has proved his worth this season beating highrated Hungarian and Thorshavnian players at Malmø Open.
Hans Hafjáll (Faero Island) is seeded as 5. Famous for his killer-serve, the Thorshavnian is allways a dangerous outsider.
Hungarian 6th seed Erling Kodex seems totally out of shape. He may play well early in tournement (first 17 minutes). But he will do well to win more than a single point.
Danish newcomer 6 foot 11 giant Alexander von GrossenCock could shock the Tennis-world by capturing the title in his first attempt. Von GrossenCock is without any championship experience. But with the reach of an albatros he will be very difficult to get past.


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You´ll taste the Devil´s dust at Cleverfield !