Sunday, August 03, 2008

Kodex goes Rastafa !

Hungarian rastafa Erling Kodex today announced his intensions of arranging a "Rastafa Tournement" at the notorious Bob Marleys Stadion in Copenhagen.
"This will be a street event arranged for common rastafa people in order to prevent rastafa members of the SlamBangian Society to hang out on streetcornes, smoking marijuana, drinking no Ouzo and killing innocent pigeons", Kodex told your reporter on the spot.
Mr. Kodex announced august 10 as the date of the ambitious arrangement:
"If not this sunday - then next year on august 10. Or in connection to the upcoming Poland Open on august 9, 2014 at Krakow, the event I´ve been working on 18 hours a day since 1999".


Anonymous said...

Han har pæne ben

Anonymous said...

Hans højre ben er gemt bag hans elefantiske donkeydick.
The Editor

Anonymous said...

I see no legs on this bignosed idiot !