Friday, January 02, 2009

2008 - the year in perspective.

Claus Handsome Holmen
The strong, talented and charming Dane won all but two fights during 2008.
Both losses coming to Aussie Adam Holberg. Holmen travelled all the way to Argentina to defeat Fat Greek Yorgos Rasmmussios for the WorldTitle. Way back in Australia he lost narrowly to Holberg, then only the next day defeating the Aussie at Fuerteventura - 2378 miles away from Australia. 5 days later losing again to the Australian Playboy under circumstances still to be investegated by Australian authorities. Strangely the whole crowd attending the title-fight slept trough the exciting encounter !


Finn said...

Godt gået. Du ordner lige de andre tosser på i morgen.

Anonymous said...

Hva´ Finn?? Bis du Evnesvag?? Claus Holmen får da prygl af alt og alle i morgen. Selv bollepigerne slår ham...

Anonymous said...

Finn rules