Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The finale episode on May 31.

Three huge scandals of the SlamBangian history will finally reach a blessed solution - when on May 31 the surviving members of the Thorshavnian and the Australian Teams will play the 1997 Copenhagen Xmas Games, The Fuerteventura 2008 Double Cup and the 2008 Copenhagen Xmas Games to a finale descision.
At the 1997 Xgames the game was abrupted when late Oskar Kovacs made a pass at teammate Morten Rasmussen, the pair disappearing into and never returnning from the the changing room.
At Fuerteventura 2008, Australian playboy Adam Holberg suddenly left the court claiming to be close to death by starvation leaving the Thorshavnian City Team waiting several days for the game never to be resumed.
And at the 2008 Xmas Copenhagen Xmas games the same Holberg acting as the promotor of the games suddenly in the midst of the finale match shot of the light claiming that "a Hungarian has left a dead pig in my penthouse !"

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