Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Adam Holberg rules the world.

Australian playboy Adam Holberg (right) captured the Australian Championship trophy in a crushing defeat of handsome Dane Claus Holmen.
Holberg - strugling in the 1. round against Australian bomber Crazy Shane Insane and Thorshavnian Hans Háfjall was given no chances against the Danish World Champion, who chrushed his identical twin brother Per Holmen and Hungarian Erling Kodex on his way to the finale.
But Holberg, now a record 7time WorldChampion, seemed to hit his best form against Holmen winning the AOtitle and the WorldChampionship 6-3/6-3.


Anonymous said...

Holberg is back!!!

Anonymous said...

Har mit store idol tabt ???!!!
Kom igen Claus alias Carl og giv de elendige socialdemokrater en lektion.

Anonymous said...

Bøsser begge to!!