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Congratulation to popular WorldChampion

Who would have known that the boy born to Australian Stripper Marsha Tina Turner Holmen - on February 13, 1970, in the wardrobe of Hawaii Bio, Cph., would one day be worshiped across the globe.
By Normann Mailer
Holberg was born in a family where tennis never was enjoyed on TV.
He watched porn and played with himself like other kids in the town of Perth, W.A.but as he picked up his first tennis racquet at the tender age of 11 he showed enough potential to crack in to one of the SlamBangian Society´s  junior's programmes.
Idolising greats like the handsome identical twin brothers, Claus and Per Holmen, the young Holberg had already started dreaming to make it big.
He wasn’t just another SlamBanger dreaming big; he also showed the potential to make his dreams a reality.
You have to make sacrifices to achieve success
and Holberg's first sacrifice came when he decided to leave his beloved mother.
In 1983, at the young age of 13, Holberg left home to join The SlamBangian TennisSociety´s training center in Denmark.
By the time Holberg was 19, he was rated 12311 in the world.
Now it was time to play some ‘real’ tennis with the big boys. Holberg’s journey as a pro begun with few year-end mop-up events where he did well by reaching the finals at Svanemöllehallen Open.
In 1992 came his biggest victory
when he defeated the then world number 1 Claus Handsome Holmen to become the youngest player in the top 100 by the end of the year.
Holberg’s game was unpredictable for his fellow players. In 1993, Holberg had lost to homosexual Morty Antonsen but 5 weeks earlier he destroyed players like Hans Bin Olsen and Per Holmen in Copenhagen.
He won, he lost, he suffered injuries
but not giving up on your dreams is what a genius is made of.  By the end of the 1993, Holberg managed to join the elite group of top 10 players in the world.
In the year 1994, Holberg won his first ever SlamBang title by defeating his idol Claus Handsome Holmen at Kos Open and managed to hit the top. He was the number one tennis player on the planet.
He won three out of four SlamBangian titles in 2004 and since then he was unstoppable. He went on to break several records winning 19 SlamBangian titles outclassing Claus Handsome Holmens record of 14  SlamBang  wins.
Also in 1999, he won all three SlamBangian GrandSlamBang titles  except the Argentina Open. He still had to make a mark on sandy carpet. But the electrifying Claus Handsome Holmen was and still is, and always will be absolutely dominant.
With his class, poise and determination Holberg gave a different level to SlamBang tennis.
With the new generation of Alexander von GrossenCock, Sebastian Holmen and Dean Martin in the making Holberg is still the best in the world.
In 2003, Holberg moved his training to Amager, DK 
Though he still missed his beloved mother he was smitten by the local female population of the LorteØ.
The relationships blossomed over the years and the females, also known as SOSUére, became familiar faces at the HolbergBaseCamp.
He is now a proud daddy of several children
Be it his personal or professional commitments Holberg has shown loyalty and determination to balance all areas of life.

What other’s have to say
Jørn Rasmussen, Former World Champion: Adam is just the greatest drunk player I’ve ever seen and I don’t ever get tired of hanging out with him. Adam is my idol, Oskar Kovacs got the greatest equipment of any player ever, but Holberg is just the greatest  of all. I think we can all appreciate how incredible he is even more lately, because he’s shown a bit more emotion on court and he’s become a father so he seems a bit more human, more relatable. That makes what he’s doing seem even more amazing.

Hans Háfjall, beat Holberg in Swedish Open: He hasn't changed a bit. He hasn't been sober since 1992 . He never is. That's great to see someone that does it with class. He doesn't intentionally get in anyone's face. He doesn't put people down.
Morty Anthonsen, bisexual close friend: I'd like to be in his underpants for one day to know what it feels (like to play) that way.


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