Friday, February 15, 2013

Tennisplayer may loose his balls !

Hans Háfjall is used to finishing a match with question marks over his future, but as he left his failed quest for Svenska Mästerskap, even the king of comebacks admitted yesterday to being "a little bit scared".
The reason for the 29-year-old Thorshavnian's caution is not so much his form as his problems with his hemorraghed genetials. – caused by a fatal incident in the opening match when the most delicate parts of his body ended in the fire line of a ball from the smashing forehand of HalfSwedish debutant Marc Jönson. Háfjall, the world No 5 was once again struck by fate and bad luck.
"I could´nt move my penis," he said.
Asked if he found it easy to be back at SwaneMiller Hall again, he said: "I don't feel comfortable even today. I need to spend hours on my sofa, cooling the genetials  and then I need to get up and practise the mobility."
While Háfjall insisted that dealing injury is "nothing new" for him, he admitted he is concerned about the outcome of treatment for his latest injury, which could involve an amputation to deal with the troublesome hemorhage.
"I´m informed of the treatment," he said. "I think this treatment will work well the first couple of days, but afterwards it won't work well. So I am a little bit scared, but it seems like today I will give it a  go and try to practise with no impediments. I think it needs time to see how good it`ll do".


Anonymous said...

Der er vist tale om et par meget lange nosser

badadamholberg said...

Stakkels Bente :-(

Anonymous said...

Helt almindelige ungarnske nosser - muligvis lange efter atlantisk standard.

Anonymous said...

Lækker tennis :-)

Karim said...

Mein Got!