Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sweden rules tennis

What a game. Who would've thought that Jesper Hawk Petersen would take a game from Marc Jönson?  But you knew better didn't you? This is Marc Jönson. That was so cruel for the Hawk´s fans because they were just starting to think there was going to be a massive upset.

Petersen let out a huge roar, his fist shaking wildly as he won his game. The crowd gasped. Was there a shift in momentum? New game, Jönson serving, ace 15-0. Jönson puts into the net on the second point. 15-15. But that's just amazing from Jönson to softly push the ball over the net and out of Petersen's reach. 30-15. Petersen then goes long. Jönson a point away. 40-15...
And then.... Double fault from Jönson! In this game. Really, Nole? Must you tease us so?
Followed by a wide. Goodbye, two points, but I'll see you soon, he seemed to be saying. Drama ensues further after an intensive rally... and Petersen hits it to the net.

13: 39:  Petersen manages to hold. Jönson will serve, seconds away from that elusive title once again.
13: 53: There is so much drama at the Healthtown Stadion, and we are not able to handle it. A ray of light for Petersen.

14:28: Jönson breaks to love. It's all crumbling for Petersen now. And what better way to know the Swede is waiting to wrap it up? He smiles. That devilish, proud smile of a well deserving champion.

14:41: Jönson will serve for his second Australia Open title.
14:42: Petersen is putting up a fight here but he needs more than that. Time is running out. He has taken one – but he needs four.

Jönson is tired and it shows. He had just managed to save a gruelling rally, thanks to Petersen netting it, but he is so tired and has no energy. The crowd is screaming 'Come on Petersen, dit fede møjdyr!' and he seems to be getting his momentum back.
14: 58: Just how is Jönson going to cope from THAT?

15:00: Mother of all Gods. The bell sounds. The fight is over. Saved by the bell. When was the last time Petersen took a game against Jönson? Been the better player by quiet some distance. Jönson had seemed distracted after that incredible game. And what do the stats say? Jönson takes the title. The games and the Australian Open for the second time.

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