Friday, December 23, 2005

Elvis Presleys glasses restored

A pair of Elvis Presleys trademark glasses has been restored. Optican Osko Kodex used 2000 hours to bring the glasses back to original shape.
While decorating Elvis´ personal bathroom at Graceland famous designer Per Carlsberg discovered a pair of Elvis´ sunglasses.
The glasses - supposedly worn by Elvis on june 8 1977 in the jacuzzi - were lost in the pipes below the jacuzzi during a blowjob delievered by Australian dancer Marsha Tina Johansen.
"I also found Mrs. Johansens false teeth and as she had her address and phonenumber written on the inside of the frontteeth, I contacted the old lady in Melbourne and got the full story and a bonus blowjob", mr. Carlsberg told Las Vegas Weekly.


holberg said...

Elvis is alive!


Det er løgn !