Thursday, December 22, 2005


Walltown resident Joern Apple Rasmussen surpriced The Slambang Society when he won the World championship from the handsome Danish superstar Claus Holmen at Green Park Stadion, Tenerifa on november 10, 2005.
Rasmussen was getting brutally punished for 2 sets, as Claus Holmen seemed on his way to an easy defense.
But after a narrow third set Rasmussen came back and won the next 3 sets leaving the 29 year old Danish star a very depressed loser:
"I feel I´ve let down my fans in Denmark. I should´nt have danced the whole night - it left me with heavy legs. But I´ll be back in January in Sweden !!!".
Rasmussen - an old looking 29-yearish - smoking a joint (see picture) :
"I knew he couldt´nt go on for five sets. He´s never had any stamina and I´ll always beat the sucker in a five-setter !".
Faraoe Islands Hans Svenning Olsen lost the Bronze-match to Australias Adam Holberg in 3 straight sets. Olsen was badly injured in the first day of the tournement, but went thru with a broken foot and damaged texsticles.


holberg said...

I hate playing Hard Core! Dirt tennis is better for me....

Sons of Dean said...

You are a dirty !

Doglife said...

I think the great, handsome and extremely clever Claus Holmen will be back as Champion on January.