Saturday, January 21, 2006


Congratulations to SlamBang Oldtimer Joern Apple Rasmussen who today celebrates his 50th birthday.
Rasmussen is the only surviving member of the original Rat Pack and mentor of late negro guitarist Jimi Hendrix.
New born baby boy Joern was found naked and freezing in Elvis Presleys wardrobe in Las Vegas, 1956. He was adopted and spend his childhood with the Martin-family. In 1966 touring with daddy Dean and Bob Hope in Vietnam, Rasmussen ran into Japanese Avantgarde Artist Yoko Ono, with whom he spend the winter of 1969 at the Thy Hippie Camp in Denmark. It was in Thy that Rasmussen later jammed with fellow musician John Lennon to whom he sold Miss Ono for 150 Dkr.
In 1979 Rasmussen established rock-band Metallica. Unfortunately he lost a betting match on the tennis-court to danish tennis sensation Lars Ulrich, leaving the place as drummer to the then 4 year old Lars.
20 years later Rasmussen revenged his defeat as he won the world SlamBang Hetero Sexual Championship at "Skåne Open", a title he kept for only a few month.
Rasmussen and boy-hood schollmate Maersk Mckinney-Møller are today the two richest persons in Denmark with a combined 2005-income of 1200000000000 euroes without tax.


holberg said...

Congratulations old man!

Pogo said...

This man was not involved in Metallica !

Anonymous said...

What is Mel Smith doing on site ?

Anonymous said...

Mel Smith is´nt black !!