Monday, February 06, 2006

Dean Martins sons advices christians to drink more milk.

World famous boyband " Sons of Deans" today announced that all members of the Dean-family would start drinking milk.
"Muhammed Ali, Bin Bent, Aladdin and Lawrence of Arabia´s boycot of Danish milkproducts has coursed the drowning of thousands of cows and Cowboys will be out of work if we don´t handle this situation with sense", the bands grand old man, Rasmussen (second from left) told Danish foreign Minister Per Stig Møller today in Copenhagen.
"We´ll only drink milk on Tour de Greece this summer !", lead vocalist Svenning Olsen (second from right) announced.
"All Christians ought to unite in the battle for cows and milk", drummer Holmen (left) suggested.
"Not only Christians !! Those called Frank, Michael, Leo, Anders, Bente and Hanna should certainly drink milk as well !!!!", lead guiatarist Adam Holberg (right) cried out.


Spook said...

You are rotten !

minn said...

maybe this is the line you walk, the rotten milk line

holberg said...

All milkdrinkers of the world reunite!!

Cumshot said...

Better than the real thing.