Friday, September 15, 2006

Nancy Sinatra hungering for reunion with Holberg

Nancy Sinatra, a 23 year old (that´s what she claims to be) Swedish blonde tells "Tennis News" that she´s looking forward to be reunited with former boyfriend Adam Holberg on October:
"Adam knøws høw tö serve a lady", says Miss Sinatra.
Holberg - the No. 2 on the latest SlamBang rating - met the then 14-year old Swedish model in 1997 at a BarCrawl Session in Rhodos City.
"We had tø brøke öp, because our intense love-life coursed a difficult kneeprøblem for Adam", Miss Sinatra announced.

Adam Holberg will attend the Male Heterosexual Singles Tournement at RHODOS Open on October 8

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Lee said...

She´s not the Nancy I used to date !