Friday, October 06, 2006

SlamBangTennis Society robbed by Hungarian Punk

Police forces all over Europe is on the hunt for this man - Budapestian rebel Analdildo Kovacs.
Kovacs is under suspicion for having urinated in a waterreservoir in Denmark poluting the drinking water in the Comunity of Greve.
36 - year old Analdildo Kovacs is supposed to be wearing the wonderful multicoulored shirt he stole from SlamBangian BaseCamp earlier this week (see photo).


holberg said...

Budapestian røvhulsslikker!!!

ZombiBøsserøwen said...

Loverboy - han ser osse daaajlig ud med skjorte.
Morten Morgenbolle

Rimmer said...

Jeg har videregivet oplysningerne til det lokale politi.